Our Ethos and Values

Performatots has a really special atmosphere that's hard to describe, and best seen for yourself. Our young pupils are at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on our welcoming, inspiring and supportive pre-school. Our children grow in independence, imagination, creative thinking and academic skills throughout their time with us.  We truly value the power of the creative and expressive arts as a learning vehicle and the confidence, poise and personality they instill in our pupils as they develop in those crucial early years. 

We are proud to be the UK's very first independent, specialist Creative Learning Academy for children aged 2-5. The best way to describe what we do is to say that we are in essence an Ofsted registered pre-school, but we do everything quite differently! Ultimately we want to cultivate your little one's special creative talents and interests, whilst introducing them to new things to try out. We believe creative thinkers and motivated learners are the worlds greatest asset to education, businesses, the UK, and the world in which we live.

At Performatots, the creative and performing arts are used as a vehicle for teaching all sorts of subjects and concepts from historical events to marine life to numeracy and the expressive arts. Our children embark upon a truly magical learning journey, creating fantastic childhood experiences and building all the necessary skills for social and academic confidence and success in later life.


We explore all sorts of wonderful things from yoga, baby ballet, streetdance and salsa to getting muddy on the field, acting our characters in speech and drama or singing our little hearts out in our daily music class! If it's creative and gets the devloping brain working - you can be sure we're going to try it! 

We love to watch our little people grow in self-confidence, developing social, emotional and communication skills at every session. Posture and poise is gained; the ability to think quickly and creatively problem solve flourishes. Learning to take turns, share and love the arts comes subconsciously and students are rewarded every step of the way for good behaviour, positive contributions and effort.

 Encouraging a spirit of adventure at Performatots

Performatots is committed to providing the highest quality early years care and education in the heart of Harrogate. We are a qualified teacher-led pre-school offering unrivalled staff ratios, with limited pupil places per class, and a maximum of 8 pupils per key group.


Our focus is on providing a dynamic, exciting, vibrant and expressive learning environment for your son or daughter to grow in confidence, independence, personality, creative-thinking and academic skills.


Our Principal Says...

'"At Performatots, our teaching and learning emphasis is on aiding each individual child to discover, explore and develop their sense of self, their personal and academic potential and the diverse world they have been born into.


Performatots is quite simply a fantastic place to be in those crucial early years. Our creative learning team work incredibly hard to provide a stimulating, rich curriculum for our early learners to start thinking for themselves, develop an adventurous spirit, be unafraid to ask questions and able to use their imagination for all sorts of subjects from literacy to problem-solving and investigative science experiments.


We aim to see our pupils fly our nest with a love of the magical power of the arts, free to be expressive and communicative, full of curiosity, sociable and confident as they continue to develop their sense of identity, a passion for learning and start to make their own mark on the world."